About Strange and Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful is a small family run business, based in the ancient market and industrial town of Workington in Cumbria. When we (John and Aimee) moved from Manchester in 2007 we were quite surprised there were no quirky and alternative gift shops for miles around. We had to shop online or travel to buy that something you couldn't get anywhere else.
After toying with the idea for a few years and conversations with friends who also craved the alternative goodies we now sell, we decided to start the business.
In 2017 Strange and Beautiful was born. Aimee started through Facebook creating a page and selling online.


The page grew from having a few loyal customers to hundreds. In May 2019 we decided to hold a stall at a local festival called party in the park. The festival was full of all kinds of stalls from R.S.P.B. to authentic food.
This was our first face to face interaction with customers which was a great experience. We really enjoyed having a chat and getting to know people. This event started the ball rolling and we were able to fulfill the long term target of opening our own shop.
On a blustery autumn day in September 2019 we found the perfect haunt, looking like it came straight out of Diagon Alley.
With a lot of hard work and help from friends,
Strange and Beautiful opened it's doors on 7th October 2019.   

The First few months were a bit of a roller coaster ride, being mad busy one day to quiet the next. When we first opened Halloween was already upon us and Christmas was just around the corner. We started our extensive ad campaign with 1000 flyers being handed out in town and being posted by hand to the local area. We had help from friends, family and even the kids all in fancy dress.
After this the shop was ticking over and online sales were still going strong, which gave us opportunity to expand our range. Some of our customers were artists, so we decided to help out and display their work. Word spread and artists from across the country, as well as local artists contacted us. We now support and display artwork by over ten artists from Oxfordshire up to Carlisle.
Covid-19 has had a big impact and we had to close our doors from March 2020, but managed to survive with online sales and creating our website. We would like to thank our customers, friends and family who made it possible for us to make it through to June 2020 when we opened the doors again. The story will continue.....